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Published on · By Saroj Shahi

It frightens me, how fast technology is changing

“Facebook Me” --- The first thing people say whenever they want to keep in touch these days.

We constantly post selfies and food pics on Instagram, share stories on Snapchat, don’t even get me started on those group conversations on WhatsApp, Viber and yeah, the never-ending tweet feed from strangers on Twitter.

Virtual empathy has become a thing now. Liking, commenting, retweeting and sharing posts that we can relate to, and we feel like we’ve fulfilled our part of being socialized.

We have stepped into a generation where everyone is just a click away and meeting in person is not considered that important anymore.

But there is more to all this…

Tristan Harris has written a very detailed article on --- How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind

Technology has made us very very lazy. There are apps for almost everything these days. Not evvvvverything, but I guess you understand my point.

It is supposed to make our life easy and It has. But look at us now. We’ve become so dependent on them day by day.

Take an example of our cell phones. It has become a major part of our life so much that a day without it will make us realize how void our lifestyle has become.

With the success in Space technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and much more, we cannot even start to imagine what’s in store for us, in the future.

Movies and TV Shows like The TerminatorI RobotHer and Black Mirror etc are all trying to give us a message. They’re trying to show us the various consequences technological advancement may bring. Forcing us to question ourselves, if we are even ready for all this.

I really hope, we will be able to find a cure for horrific diseases like Cancer and AIDs. But with that said, we also need to make sure we don’t mess with the eco-system.

We cannot risk playing god!

Well, that will start a whole other discussion on whether God even exists or not…

But all I’m trying to say is, let’s not get too used to to the technology that we forget to live our life without them.

Let’s not let virtual empathy overshadow the true human emotions we have.

Let’s limit our technological dependency.

And yes, let’s try to ignore our cell phones during an actual face to face conversation.

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