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Maximizing Efficiency in Email, Slack, and Calendar Management

In today's fast-paced digital world, effective communication and organization are key to success. Here are some tips from my personal workflow to help you streamline your own workflows and boost productivity across email, Slack, and calendar platforms


10 Lessons Learned: From Designer to Design Team Leader

Transitioning from being an individual contributor designer to a leader and manager of a design team is an exciting and challenging journey.


5 reasons why it’s tough for IT students to get an Internship in Nepal

The world of Information and Technology has evolved over the years and the need for qualified human resource to keep up with this has also increased day by day.

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How Pocket and Medium changed my reading habits ?

I am a very lazy person and it is not good for my profession as a Designer.

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It frightens me, how fast technology is changing

We constantly post selfies and food pics on Instagram, share stories on Snapchat, don't even get me started on those group conversations on WhatsApp, Viber and yeah, the never-ending tweet feed from strangers on Twitter.

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10 things I’ve learned about professional life while working as a designer

I know, there are a lot of similar articles starting with the title 10 things to do this and 10 ways to become that.

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Learning has never stopped and I plan to keep it that way

I have always been fascinated by technology, art, design, and music ever since my childhood days.